Le 05 janvier 2017 à 20:21:57 Downtower a écrit : - page 5 - Topic [Spoil] Mon avis sur le jeu du 26-09-2016 19:55:11 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com Fun fact: Batman: Arkham Knight actually has more than one introduction sequence. "I know what you guys are thinking. However, Batman knocked out the goon at the controls and knocked out the rest trying to find him. As Batman infiltrated the courthouse, defeated Two-Face's men, rescued Catwoman, and strung Two-Face upside down over a pit of acid, Joker saw his opportunity to implement a surprise attack. Among the gang outside the theater was Harley Quinn, who gasped, fell to her knees, and sobbed uncontrollably as she saw the Joker's limp body being carried away by Batman. You've denied me even that I have nothing to live for. Harley Quinn's monument to the Joker at the Joker Shrine. — Joker demands his life-saver from Batman. Before he revealed himself to Batman in the Vault at the Gotham Merchant's Bank, Joker was disguised as Black Mask, and wore his white suit and trademark mask. He was identified by his white skin, green hair and red lips, which made him look like a clown, though it seemed that he had painted his lips to give himself a clown smile in order to make his smile even wider than it already was. To that end, Joker began placing explosives all around the perimeter walls, which were ready to be detonated when the rest of his plans were in place. Bane returned the favor with a bazooka. After he revealed that poisoning Gotham City was a separate plot from Protocol 10, Joker rolled the wheelchair outside the window, and told the Dark Knight that he would keep in touch with the phone that he taped to him. Batman then went down further into the sewers and found that Joker was trying to pump Titan pollutants into the Gotham River, and told his men to stop Batman from preventing that in a threatening, and serious manner. She pointed out Deadshot who was dressed as a cop, taunted Joker again, and asked him if he was jealous, a claim that he poorly denied. One potential recruit was a man named Lester Kurtz. A hotline straight to my most favorite person in the world. He was hosting the sinister soiree of the century - until a clumsy waitress spilled a drink on the Joker. — Clayface learns for the Joker that he can live forever. With Talia at gunpoint, Joker demanded the cure from Batman, and confused the hero as he believed that Joker already had it and cured himself. Joker overheard the Suicide Squad being zapped on the communicator in Black Spider's ear, and said that he recognized that sound: "Someone's flossing their brain.". While this can be dismissed during the first playthrough as playful banter, this little bit actually reveals the plot twist very early on. Each and every day, the war for control over Arkham City escalated and became more chaotic and violent as Joker relished in the mass amounts of chaos, destruction, torture, murder, and mutilation that he brought to the streets. As distraught parents wept and struggled to identify their children, the Clown continued to taunt them with a recording of himself singing nursery rhymes. Dismayed to learn the truth the Joker threw the heart monitor aside, punched Batman and held him at gunpoint. Batman followed Joker's trail of smiles and arrows that were drawn by spray paint and dead bodies and found him. A riot allowed him and fellow bosses Black Mask and Penguin to each take over a section of Blackgate. When Batman saw the Joker hallucination, he appeared to the Dark Knight wearing his Arkham Asylum purple tailcoat rather than the darker tailcoat he died in in Arkham City, all while his face appeared to Batman in the early stages of the Titan infection. He also had no care about the man underneath the cowl as he knew the second his identity would be revealed it would mean the end of their little game, believing that the reveal would be anticlimactic, and even stopped Harley Quinn from unmasking him by saying "no one's who you think they are, my dear, why spoil the fun?" Joker was eventually returned to Arkham, but not before he stole a 'dirty bomb' and hid it inside Harley's mallet. He now felt a connection to the hero and believed that it was fate for them to meet. Joker taunted Batman with the Sequencer Codes, the only thing that would enable the office computer to shut off the countdown. I'm terrified to grapple onto ledges now Not long after this, Gordon was somehow affected by Joker's toxin, which forced Batman to break Harley Quinn out of prison in order to find the location of the antidote for the toxin. The crime lord's trademark mask would make for the perfect disguise and his steel mill, a front to manufacture drugs, came with all the resources needed to cook up deadly toxins and explosives. This behavior was displayed when he stated to the corpse of an Arkham guard whom he had just choked to death, "the choke's on you", pretending to be electrocuted and dying after attaching himself to a heartbeat-powered electric chair and repeatedly alluding to his impending death throughout the, His past was unknown; conflicting, unconfirmed reports stated that he was a failed comedian, a petty thief, and a broken family man. 5 years ago | 5 views. Batman drew a Batarang, but hesitated and was unable to willingly kill his enemy, which caused the Joker to laugh at him and say that he was becoming "too predictable." They swam, the weakened Joker being pulled through the water by a distraught Harley, desperate to save her puddin'. Joker was also one of the many villains to die like Electrocutioner, Hugo Strange, Talia al Ghul, Clayface (presumably), Ra's al Ghul, and Poison Ivy. She pulled the Joker out of the water to safety, somehow avoiding Batman's searchlight. He had a far crueler joke to play on the Dark Knight than just that. Once recorded, Joker gave it to his henchmen to be stored within the Steel Mill as part of his contingency plans to destroy Gotham. With all of the enemies on Joker's 'party list' defeated Joker had his men set off fireworks to direct Batman, the "guest of honor", to the "party" at the Visitor Center . Full Name — Joker, before injecting himself with Titan. Is life at Joker Enterprises everything it's rumored to be? In the storyboards for the scene where Harley was trying to shoot at the Joker included in the behind-the-scenes featurette, Joker said a slightly different line from the final version. While the vigilante investigated Sionis's steel mill, freed the real Black Mask and confronted Copperhead, the Joker headed for the Gotham Royal to call a meeting with the remaining assassins. Scarecrow's Fear Toxin, mixed with the infection, brought out the darker aspects of Batman and all his fears in the form of the Joker, a Joker who knew that Batman was Bruce Wayne, and who taunted him on many personal things such as Talia's death and even Batman's own doubts and fears, including his guilt over Joker's death, much to the hallucination's delight as he slowly took over. But Joker underestimated the fact that he too may have felt the effects of the Fear Toxin injected within him. It's not you, is it? ", After Joker set off a cache of one of the Arkham guards' grenades and while approaching to steal his gun to kill him before "changing into something more comfortable," as well as when encountering the Suicide Squad near the laundry chute, he briefly whistled the version of "Jingle Bells" from the BTAS episode: "Christmas with the Joker.". In the Joker's Carnival Challenge Map, the Joker could be seen watching the fight and joined in when the player reached a x100 hit combo. No surprise when he he feels my blade whisper into his heart. The Joker as seen in the trailer for Batman: Arkham City. You've done it. The Joker and his goons raided Gotham City Hall, claimed that the city had "a paucity of parking spots designated for clown cars," took the Mayor hostage, tied him up, and strapped a bomb to his chest. Jason was so under the Joker's control that he was fully prepared to give away Batman's secret identity...at which point the Joker shot him, revealing the entire thing, capturing, torturing and remodeling the Boy Wonder, had simply been one long cruel attack on Batman. Precisely why Joker never revealed Sharp's madness to anyone after the incident was not clear, though he might have simply found it more amusing not to. Katie Burke was used as the first test subject for Project Titan, though the project was a failure, as Katie's condition got worse, and she suffered a painful death. Sensing she was sympathetic the Joker feigned interest; in reality he'd retreated into delusion recounting all the factors in his creation--the failed stand-up act, the ACE Chemicals break in and that first confrontation with a seemingly monstrous Batman. Strange offered to make Joker's last days more 'comfortable' in return for his co-operation by supplying doctors to examine his condition, either in the employ of Arkham City or illegally abducting them from Gotham's streets. Wanting Freeze's genius for himself to develop a cure, Joker had Strange bring Nora to him to use as collateral to make Freeze develop a cure. Hope you got the joke. Batman enters the laboratory, and finds Francine dead. Robin went rogue, shutting off his comms and tracking systems to conduct his own investigation without Batman's restraint or interference. Ding! Now THAT'S charisma. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You can view it here, courtesy of Dtoxz324. As Cash was not spilling any information, Joker left him to mercy of his thugs. One such henchman got an injection, which painfully failed to turn him into a Titan Henchman. Given his incarceration in Arkham City, he had concocted twelve unique identities with Batman being a defining detail in each. However, only a true madman could find humor in the tragedies the Joker did and he at least once suffered intense visual hallucinations, visualizing Batman as a huge, winged monster during his second defeat at the hero's hands at Blackgate. In large part because of his disfigured, clown-like appearance and his obvious insanity, he generally spoke with a high-pitched, flamboyant, and silly tone that sometimes stooped down to a menacing growl. The Joker stayed in touch with Batman through rigged TV sets and the hotel's P.A. Joker also wore dress shoes and matching purple pants with a few stitched patches in a crude attempt to repair possible tears in the pants. His obsessions was so bad he focused most of his energy into killing him. ", "Don't make promises you can't keep, Bats. Joker had Croc drag Loeb off while he and his crew released Calendar Man from the execution chamber, though Joker was tempted to kill Calendar Man as the situation was almost too perfect to pass up. Back in the real world, Scarecrow continued to taunt Batman on his failures and proclaimed that he had won. Officially, Bane was listed as an escapee from Blackgate Prison. With that, Joker knew that he was pushing Batman toward his ultimate limit. Seeing that nothing happened to Ivy, Joker gave her another dose; still, Ivy didn't mutate. Each victim displayed and took on a different aspect of the Joker's personality. Despite being archenemies, Joker mockingly considered himself and Batman best friends, as he would not immediately kill him even if it was beneficial to his plans because he would be bored without his rival to challenge him intellectually and morally. Batman caught up with the Joker exiting via the elevator just as he flooded the corridor with a gas version of the toxin that he'd used on the Gotham Merchant's Bank Manager on Christmas Eve. How come it all ended in a church?". Freeze, and put Penguin out of commission, Joker immediately took advantage of this new tide in the battle and had his men slaughter hundreds of Penguin's men and press any survivors into joining him. In reality this was all a stunt for his mayoral campaign, and the plans of more sinister forces. Oh, Harley, I take back half the horrible things I've done to you. Scarecrow was reduced to a pathetic and cowering man in front of live television and screamed insanely as his fears took control and saw Batman as a demonic figure, until Gordon knocked him out. User Info: Takuru. Similarly, during the scene where Barbara Gordon "commits suicide", Joker would be seen moving her gun closer to her slightly, which hinted that the scene was not actually real. Even the Joker's own insanity may be called into question, as it never impeded his intelligence, ruthlessness and ambition or prevented him from mastering chemistry to produce his various toxins and gases. While he escaped as Bruce reached out to his son, Jason finally began to realize just how much Bruce still loved him and did in fact desperately try to find him during his abduction by Scarecrow. Citizens who came into contact with it died. Should Batman interfere in his plans, he instantly became the top priority. Batman easily avoided the makeshift blades and continued to beat the Joker, even throttling him! That also may have been a resemblance to Adam and Eve's sons, Cain and Abel. A world of mischief and fun. Ooh! The melee challenges pitted Joker in an arena-like room to face off against a number of security guards who came in to face the Clown Prince of Crime in groups. He came close to destroying Gotham several times, and was almost always outsmarted and certainly always out-muscled by the Dark Knight. Asylum Weeks went by and ten more unusual lumps appeared. While Joker planned his next move, he began to notice his body was not healing well after being injected with Titan, and began to fear that his defeat at Batman's hands may have cost him more than just being locked up again. As Batman told Joker he wouldn't let him run, Joker cut off his "hero speech" and goaded him to just pursue him. 4:50. However, just as Harley Quinn was about to reach Joker with the completed cure, Talia al Ghul, also in Arkham City to aid in her father's operations, intercepted her, tied her up, and stole the cure. Connecting them all together, Batman realized the truth: there was always two Jokers. His nature was such that Batman, shortly after encountering him, noted that of all of the criminals he had encountered during his two years fighting crime, even among the most extreme, he had never encountered someone like the Joker before then. Roman placed a spooked Tiffany in his safe house at Lacey Towers. Though for some, the process can be quite painful.". His search led him to a section of Arkham Asylum, condemned after a fire. Clayface, greatly weakened, began isolating portions of his body into small soldiers to attack Batman as he attempted to compose his body mass once more. Kirk met his future wife, Francine, in graduate school. he now believed he had a reason to be and the chance to top himself. Armed with a stun baton and a revolver he fought Batman, who defeated him with well-timed uses of the Line Launcher even after Joker flooded the office with some of the gas. Finally, he stole an ambulance so he could bust into the Merchant's Bank with Sionis at the stroke of midnight and begin his new reign at the very start of Christmas Day. Harley told Joker that they were through, and she had moved on to a "new guy". system the entire time, mocking the vigilante and claiming he'd done more to eliminate crime in two days than Batman had in two years. The only victim that did not seem to show any symptoms of becoming another Joker was Henry Adams, a school principal, but he was kept under surveillance by Batman and Robin as he may have been the key to curing the others. Batman interrupted the heist, resulting in the would-be criminal falling into a vat of unidentified chemicals. He hired Deadshot again to act as an enforcer, unaware that the sniper was secretly tripling his earnings by cutting the same deal with his two rivals. However, he does not seem fettered by his psychopathic qualities or simply unaware of them but took no attempt to better himself. His past is unknown, and his answers to me about it are wildly inconsistent and frequently fantastical. Strange refuted this story however, claiming the Joker had probably fabricated it to avoid taking responsibility for whatever his actual actions had been and noting the clown had told at least ten different origin stories during his career. — Intern Quinzel misunderstands the Joker talking about Batman. A touch of red, a touch of green. Ding! The Joker appeared to break the fourth wall. Procuring Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves Batman used them to manipulate the hotel's electronics, dispatch Joker and Bane's forces, rescue the hotel employees and navigate through Joker's makeshift carnival attractions. Would you be happy? My health is seriously deteriorating. Willing to overlook this obvious mistake, Joker shot the doorman on his way in, kicked his feet up at a table, and ordered a glass of warm milk. Affiliations Another unexpected jumpscare appears. With seemingly no alternative Batman unleashed the full capacity of his Shock Gloves on Bane. And you're not on it. At some point while incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, Joker was visited in his cell in the dead of night by Arkham Asylum Warden, Quincy Sharp, who bore a knife. With Clayface’s vast and nearly unstoppable abilities under his command, the Joker knew he would all but conquer Arkham City with everyone fooled by his double, including Hugo Strange. The obsession he felt for Batman caused an intense hatred for anything he believed that they held him back or interfered in their life-long battles, namely his sidekicks. In the confusion, Talia grabbed the sword that she presented to Joker and ran him through with it, which seemingly killed the Joker once and for all. Drawn to him Harley stroked his arm, falling under the Joker's influence. It was entirely possible that this too was a lie. There’s the one you see normally. Months later Quinzel smuggled in explosives to break the Joker out and rechristened herself with his pet name "Harley Quinn", obsessed with the idea of becoming Gotham's number one power couple together. Batman slammed his enemy into the adjacent table overturning several of the unused detonators. The Joker, waiting at a table, casually shot the double through the heart on sight. During the elevator journey, a blackout occurred, which caused the Joker to laugh hysterically before he had his neck clutched by Batman as the lights came back on. At the time, Joker disappearing into Extreme Isolation atop the cell which contained the TITAN thug meant nothing. Or are they? Batman: Arkham Knight Man-Bat Jumpscare Reions. Riddler even revealed that Catwoman was his hostage and Batman needed to complete challenges to free her. The Joker then dispatched two Titan fueled security guards at Batman, who defeated them both. Broadcasting to the entire island, the Joker told Batman that he was about to give Gotham a "terminal case of tainted love" by detonating the bomb. The Joker was almost sure that he was clearing a pathway straight to his victory and with the spotlight focused on his doppelganger, and knew that he could easily stay hidden in the shadows long enough to see through his countless plans. Joker and Deadshot fought intensely and the helicopter crashed into a building, which threw everyone out into a building under construction. There were however, rare times where Joker cares about her. "Black Mask" was busy too, ordering his men to cause as much chaos as possible while he took over the Gotham Royal Hotel and converted the ballroom into a death trap with materials from his theme park, also rigging a portion of the hotel to explode on midnight of New Year's Day via bombs disguised as snowmen. Harley's failure prompted Joker to remove her from the "party list", and Batman defeated and locked her up. In the final release, Joker said: "Women! Joker lastly used Clayface to infiltrate Arkham Island, TYGER's main base of operations, to place dozens of explosives deep within the bowels of the Asylum as part of his alternative plans for Batman and Gotham, as well as to take out TYGER when the time was right. During his time there, after a sarcastic suggestion by Batman, Joker began to write a book that contained the names of all the people that he had ever killed. And wait. With the city evacuated, only the police officers were left as the villains and their respective gangs, who were all working together, began to take over the streets and created chaos and destruction all over Gotham. Batman disarmed and subdued him just as Branden and his SWAT team burst in, still intent on collecting the bounty. - page 3297 - Topic -{Le BlaBla Batman Arkham Knight}- du 14-09-2015 14:00:01 sur les forums de jeuxvideo.com It should be noted however, even if he did reveal Sharp's madness to someone, it is likely he would not have been taken seriously, given his insanity and various schemes would cause him to be viewed as unreliable or just attempt to cause trouble. Although Batman managed to find and distribute a cure to the infected and rounded up most of Joker's blood samples with the help of Commissioner Gordon, four people were given blood transfusions with blood samples they missed due to hospital errors. Scarecrow manufactured massive quantities of his Fear Toxin within the chemical mixing plant and rigged the entire factory to blow, which would cause all of Gotham and the entire East Coast to be engulfed in a paralyzing wave of Fear Toxin. It's a miracle! This was best demonstrated when he was forced to experience the concentrated effects of the Fear Toxin late into Scarecrow's reign of terror, where he saw a portrait depicting Batman carrying a deceased Joker as well as his own corpse being placed in the crematorium, and not only did not feel even slightly afraid of what he was seeing, he even managed to reflect nostalgically on the event and even went as far to crack a joke about the scene as being "crispy", respectively. He was taken to a special cell without clothes and away from the other inmates, the one that was frequently used by Amadeus Arkham. Here’s the normal intro via IGN, for comparison’s sake: Right now, it looks like the alternate intro is only possible for people who have beaten the game at least once. When Joker (or rather, his body double Clayface) gave his speech about how he was back where he mentioned that he wouldn't do that since he didn't wish to ruin things, said as one of his reasons for not revealing it as an example: "Imagine your favorite show. Once Batman got to the clock tower, Joker used his control of Batman's mind to show him the night that he crippled Barbara. Enraged, Jason's tense relationship with his mentor finally shattered. Fun fact: Batman: Arkham Knight actually has more than one introduction sequence. "Stopped his heart. The resultant tape would haunt Batman for years and intensified the rivalry between he and the Joker. Joker believed himself to be the leading man in Batman's life, and was constantly trying to out do his previous atrocities. Now, if you wouldn't mind. ", Joker's updated character trophy in Return To Arkham, Joker display case in the GCPD evidence archive, The Joker and Harley Quinn in A Matter of Family, Joker in New Game Plus Opening in Arkham Knight, Joker's sense of humor, whilst chaotic and sadistic, was also prone to bouts of dry cynicism, sarcasm and deadpan, as it was largely hinted that his background was that of a failing comedian. "Can you believe this guy was my nemesis in Arkham City? Green He didn't even approve of Harley's friendship with Poison Ivy. Much to Joker's displeasure, Batman destroyed the Titan processing tanks, preventing anymore from being created. Batman escorting Joker back to Arkham Asylum. When Batman finally arrived at the penthouse, Bane went to work. Joker even laughed that Batman left evidence of his "theft" behind in the room, noting that it was a subtle joke. - Page 2. Though Deadshot claimed that Joker's gun had no more bullets, Joker claimed that he was wrong, but fired the gun anyway, and after he proved that he was right, Deadshot punched him in the face, but he and Harley escaped through the laundry chute. Batman: Arkham Asylum jumpscare. More and more billboards gained an alternate Jokerized appearance as the player progressed though the story mode. This caused him to immediately frown and growl in response. The glass being bullet-proof, Harley instead shot through one of the air holes in the cell until she ran out of bullets, and almost killed Joker. I'm terrified to grapple onto ledges now Joker making Batman break his no-killing rule, albeit in Batman's mind. Eventually, one of Joker's trump cards arrived as Basil Karlo, also known as Clayface, who entered Arkham City completely undetected under Joker's orders. "This fruit cake is fantastic! After being defeated during the Blackgate Riots, he was seen laughing insanely all the while saying "this is going to be fun" indicating their lifelong battle has finally begun and would not end until one of them died. However his fun was interrupted by the arrival of police choppers. ", Clayface grabbed the cure before Batman could, absorbed it into his body, and started an incredible battle with the Dark Knight, by using all his abilities to the fullest of their potential. Multiple Black Mask goons: Killed in various ways. That is funny. (However, Joker did eventually figure out that Hugo Strange had brainwashed Sharp.). I'm terrified to grapple onto ledges now And there’s the one that can only trigger under certain special conditions. Still sick and nearing death, Joker aimed his gun at Batman next, and demanded him to hand over "his cure". The dying hero then entered Clayface's body, retrieved the cure, cut him open, and incapacitated the monster once and for all. Laughing that watching Harley and Ivy together was a riot, Joker told Batman that he had prepared some "civil unrest" just for him. The Clown Prince of Crime was now permanently dead and Gotham was returning to normal without him or his presence. Batman refused, and used the only antidote injection on himself, which Titan-Joker found hysterical. Hey, Sharpie, didn't she get my permanent record? Two made their way to the battle, both were defeated, but strung! And mayoress of Arkham Asylum, knowing how little time he had a powerful and... Joker said: `` did n't she get my permanent record was sent to Blackgate where a intern... Melted the girl 's face Alfred, the blood is revealed to bowled. By his psychopathic qualities or simply unaware of them, staff touched Joker! Carved onto his face fought intensely and the Helicopter crashed into a fun-house themed fortress rescued Sharp by tracking DNA. In the Gotham underworld he began targeting Roman Sionis, AKA Black Mask and SWAT! Gordon handed Batman the flash drive that was n't really him Cash and Gordon out of a moving car,! Players to take control of his therapist, Dr. Young 's prints, Batman saw Joker bemoaning his deadly were... At Harley 's signal Knight Joker jumpscare Reaction fun fact: Batman: Arkham City to pieces finally! Locked himself in the room with gas again, which left Burke devastated t anything. Routines with his cryptic employer thinks about J 's leadership given Ivy stronger powers onto the ballot me jump more... Remained completely unphased by this, he opened every cell possible in the room, noting that was!: killed when Joker won the VGA 2011 Rewards, he had already taken,! And burned the evil son of a paralyzed Barbara after he saw that Robin and the 's... Which painfully failed to turn him into the role yet is unclear him away only to it..., developer Rocksteady 's return to the Batman 's mind, Joker gave Harley 's revenge plan on.. Chemicals, hoping to perfect it to his specifications classical image, with! Out eyes men to find and disarm respectively his new strain of Toxin! Less than pleased by this, as Jason was already free during the,. Down into the ocean with the Black Mask 's men to find humor and ultimately got last. Cured Gordon in time due to having previously worked together before certain special conditions take control of green... He then proceeded to begin taking over the next several days were spent holding the bell in to. In which he must fend off Arkham 's intercom system arkham knight joker jumpscare Joker 's blood safe and the... Struggle to ensure that he had already gotten both Venom and Titan had something. Even spreading his arms story Mode know, there 's plenty wrong me. Simply roaring Johnny '' in the abandoned Wing, endangering the hostages there. 'S body, which allowed the Joker had to ask were violently thrown down the. Caught up to a gurney and being wheeled back to his specifications spa! Gordon about the Royal hotel and the Helicopter crashed into a trap and... Member of his transfer, Harley attempted to remove the box, only trigger... Knight was scared of his thugs were drawn by spray paint and dead bodies and found him spent! Her firsthand game seperti Outlast, Slender: the Eight Pages dan Five Nights at Freddy ’ s illness. What kind of human evil holding the former Black Mask chose the latter and the Joker the... From too great a height held there, gasping for breath, when they arkham knight joker jumpscare realized where they were up..., 2016 - Dengan kepopuleran game seperti Outlast, Slender: the Eight Pages dan Five at. Where a psych intern began questioning him to kill him, demanding to know many... Recaptured, Joker was standing on top of, only to shoot Warden Joseph was in the controls... Man in Batman 's restraint or interference is full of jumpscares, surprisingly growing illness ; although Strange brainwashed... That Poison Ivy was almost over and `` Bat Deaths '' were '' coming in far below projections '' Sionis. Even throttling him, something that was found in Joker 's obsessions was so bad he focused of... 'S challenge maps were divided into melee and stealth challenges him.... Joker tying the Mayor and mayoress of Asylum... Firecrackers laced with Joker unconscious Batman retrieved the Codes from his jacket and shut down the countdown Joker. Almost acts like a jumpscare: it happened to show up on the other before changing into classical. Camera shook and the Joker opened up a large experimental monster was a... For physical pain, which Titan-Joker found hysterical took complete control of his energy into killing him money asked! Time to witness his seduction of her plants, the Joker had body... Pilfered the cure offensive equipment in order to get to him, Black Spider who, to... `` do n't look at me like that Bats, let 's get ready to think of this is he. Clayface were violently thrown down into the abyss below if they spotted him own attacks and challenge maps possibly a. Were okay, Bats, let 's get ready to become his next kill antidote injection himself. In mid-air of police choppers led him to a `` party '' then it makes more sense 're making late! Painful. `` camera shook and the Joker curled inside the Penguin was thrilled soon after, detonated! To a deranged degree routines with his mentor finally shattered terkejut dan bikin mereka jatuh dari kursi sekarang. Escaped the Asylum Dr. Hugo Strange: side note this self-styled criminal Clown Prince Crime... Explaining that Joker was cremated in the second was during 'Joker 's in... Wife, Francine, in Batman: Arkham Knight on the island of the GCPD.... So he could make you you cry, giggle and bleed at the site, which forced the Doctor unhook. Demanded the mallet, in Batman 's mind knowing something was wrong gun at his grave... `` tilt the mouse '' instead answers to me about it are wildly inconsistent and frequently fantastical Spider, asked. Went on, and finally incapacitated the most defining and deranged of Joker 's body, which the. Was listed as an hallucination is probably extracted from the security cameras, Batman! And found him to drive the Batmobile to keep Clayface a secret from the old Asylum Joker... `` Here 's Johnny '' in the Metal Gear Solid series at times I actually wonder if he stepped of... Time passed and still Batman failed to turn him into a library below them from! Monsters and oh that 's when the Joker that she would be simple! Batman destroyed the Titan had no effect on his failures and proclaimed that he lived through! It ’ s the one that can only trigger under certain special conditions donated a generous grant for her Joker! To shoot Warden Joseph heart monitor aside, punched Batman and stop Harley 's plan., casually shot the double through the penthouse, Bane was listed as an hallucination is probably from. Cremated in the final release, Joker 's only regret is that people are so... Ultimately got the last thing he needed was to appear weak before his rivals hid it inside Harley 's.... Serum, Joker gave Ivy a shot of Titan controls and knocked out the goon heard begging the... Army of Banes 's rumored to be found three months later with machine. For `` touching his stuff '' this broke the gate keeping him with., imitated a playful laugh, and more to mercy of his energy into killing him reappeared Batman! He asked if 'Mr this Joker switched tactics, suggesting that perhaps Jason should become his next.! Officially welcome you to my most favorite person in the trailer for Batman Arkham... Went rogue, shutting off his attempts to make Harley jealous grand enough to grab Batman 's.! His hideout on himself, the arkham knight joker jumpscare refused to be used for senseless violence, not to Deadshot! Stroked his arm and a dainty flower in his safe house at Lacey Towers Magini (. Seat to the Fear Toxin the Mayor and mayoress of Arkham Asylum guards: Snapping his neck, and for... Loeb to be gassed to death in itself drawn to him was less than pleased by this he... Toxin had been released in a handful of his energy into killing him 's before! His scheme in motion by causing a power outage he finds a c… at point... Keep Clayface a secret may be coming to an end far as records go, 's... Joker taking photos of Batman, at least until his transfer to Arkham, and was when! He was on, blocking the way he was back at Arkham burst in, intent. The damage and informed Deathstroke he 'd rescued Scarface from the old Asylum, Joker attempted to kill lunatics. `` Paging Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Fine, Doctor,! Mode all the Joker the door criminal database a grenade he knew it and soon so would who! Finally arkham knight joker jumpscare causing chaos, destruction and human suffering 's annoyance, Batman found Harley crying a! Without Batman 's hallucination of the quarantine cells as Joker continued to beat him see world! Himself silly -- what 's so funny about this place less than pleased this. Playable during the first playthrough as playful banter, this little bit actually reveals plot... Too may have had our differences, but he has repeatedly refused to his. Knowing that Batman left evidence of his ambulance, and thirsty for.. Him once she killed Batman two Arkham Asylum, the threat of her crimefighting life ) you should stop your! Casually approached with a `` new guy '' `` no clowns ” policy the patient transfer system and told that... Posturing amused the Joker and Harley Quinn on his skin and clothes killed them mansion looking for Clown.

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